Cross Flow Type Cooling Tower

Cross Flow Type Cooling Tower is available in single Cell Cooling Capacity from 100 TR to 2000 TR. Our range of Cross Flow Type Cooling Tower including SFID (Single Flow Induced Draft) and DFID (Double Flow Induced Draft) Cooling Towers. In Cross Flow Type Cooling Tower the water flows vertically through the fills while the air flows horizontally across the flow of the falling water. Because of this, air does not have to pass through the distribution system, permitting the use of gravity flow hot water distribution basins mounted at the top of the unit above the fills.

Key Benefits
  • Lower Operating Costs : Adjustable pitch fans with true airfoil blades and 96% efficient Gear Reducer drive assure maximum utilization of applied fan power. Fully optimized fill configurations and low pressure-drop drift eliminators afford maximum cooling with minimum power input. Gravity flow water distribution minimizes pump power requirements.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs : Heavy-duty aluminum alloy fans, cast-iron Geareducers, and stainless steel driveshafts require only periodic maintenance. Widespaced splash-fill helps prevent clogging. The fill area is readily accessible for cleaning.
  • 2-year Driving System Warranty : JCSPL guarantee your tower's mechanical equipment for two full years. You'll save valuable equipment maintenance amount.
  • One Destination for All Parts : All tower components except the electric motors are designed, manufactured, guaranteed, and stocked by JCSPL. You always know who to call for any parts you need. You're also assured that all components of the cooling tower will work together, because they are designed to work together.

Major Components :
  • Construction : The structural framework of the tower are Douglas Fir, designed in accordance with CTI STD-114. Shear plates are utilized to transmit loads at critical joints, and all fasteners shall be in accordance with CTI STD-119. Basic design criteria shall be 30 psf wind load and 5% G seismic load.

    Structural columns shall be 3"x4", except for louver support columns which shall be 3"x6". Diagonals shall be 3"x4" and 4"x4" lumber. Framing girts may be 2"x4", except for those supporting the hot water basins and fill. Those girts shall be 2"x6" minimum.

    Column Lines are kept on min. 4'-0" longitudinal centers, and the base of all perimeter columns shall be firmly anchored to galvanized steel base plates.
  • Fan Deck & Fan Cylinder : The fan deck shall acts as a working platform for maintenance, Hence fabricated of Min. 1" thick, 7 ply, exterior grade, treated Douglas Fir plywood, and is designed for a uniform live load of 40 psf or a concentrated load of 400 pounds.

    Fan cylinders are made of molded FRP. They are anchored to the fan deck structure to provide a consistently stable operating shroud for the fan. Fan cylinders less than 72" in height are equipped with a removable, hot dip galvanized steel fan guard for the protection of operating personnel.
  • Mechanical Equipments : Provided Fan(s) are propeller-type, incorporating heavy duty blades of FRP, with individually adjustable Blades. Fan(s) are driven through a right-angle, industrial-duty, oil-lubricated, geared speed reducer that requires no oil changes for the first three (3) years of operation.

    Motors are located outside the fan cylinder at the fan deck, connected to the speed reducer by a tubular stainless steel, dynamically balanced driveshaft equipped with neoprene flexible coupling elements.

    A galvanized oil gauge and drain line are provided from the gear reducer to the vicinity of the motor, and are equipped with a dip stick for oil level measurement.